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A. Kennedy, Marinan, A., Cahoy, K., Byrne, J., Cordeiro, T., Decker, Z., Marlow, W. Alan Navar, Shea, S. J., Blackwell, W., DiLiberto, M., and , Automated resource-constrained science planning for the mirata mission, 2015.
K. Stapelfeldt, Belikov, R., Bryden, G., Cahoy, K., Chakrabarti, S., Marley, M. S., McElwain, M., Meadows, V., Serabyn, E., Trauger, J., and , Exo-C imaging nearby worlds, by the Science and Technology Definition Team (STDT) and the Exo-C Design team, final report, http://exep. jpl. nasa. gov/stdt/Exo-C\_Final\_Report\_for\_Unlimited\_Release\_150323. pdf, 2015.